Volontiraj na Sardiniji

Udruga NOA  iz Carbonie (Sardinija, Italija) – koja se kreće prema razvoju i društvenoj integraciji mladih i odraslih sa posebnim potrebama kroz socijalne i zdravstvene usluge –  traži volontere/ke koji/e bi radili/le u dnevnom centru za osobe s posebnim potrebama. Poslovi će primjerice uključivati organizaciju i sudjelovanje na umjetničkim radionicama, individualnoj i grupnoj terapiji, vrtlarenje i dr. Volonteri/ke će moći raditi na realizaciji vlastitih ideja. Osobe sa znanjem  talijanskog jezika imaju prednost.

Projekt počinje u listopadu 2016. i traje 6 mjeseci.

Zainteresirane volonterke neka što prije pošalju svoj CV (s brojem mobitela i e-mail adresom) i kraće motivacijsko pismo na engleskom jeziku na udrugapariter@gmail.com, a najkasnije do 4.9. Nakon toga će se dogovoriti Skype razgovor.

Više o organizaciji i projektu (na engleskom jeziku):

NOA is a social association in Sardegna that was born in 2007 from a meeting of professionals with a lot of experience from different fields like educators, pedagogues, psychologists, psychotherapists, university lecturer, counsellors – Experts with experience in difficulties in educational relationships and family relationships, learning difficulties and disability.

NOA is a Polynesian term that means the opposite of Tabù, which means forbidden, dangerous, magic, all that what we can`t know, the need to stay away without having relations. Tabù means separation where nothing is possible. NOA instead means ordinary, everything that we can do and that we can know, the possibility to stay in relation. NOA means to stay close: it`s the possibility, the change, the relation.

Fears of learning and education are tabù; they prohibit to change and to know, they prohibit do have the security that we can have success also in difficult moments. For example the fear that we fail, to seem weak in front of the others and our self, to fall short of one`s expectations.

In our society, in our culture it`s not accepted to fail. In this way the person that is learning can`t use the natural instrument of making errors as an opportunity to know the world and him or herself better.

NOA is supporting people to create a world in which we have the possibility to learn and be ourselves.

NOA is a non-profit organisation and follows to the general interests of human development and social integration through the management of social and health services. A main objective is to convey job placements of disadvantaged people.

We are working with

– Minors and adults with special needs

– adolescents with learning and emotional difficulties

– parents and teachers

For our EVS volunteers we would offer a place in one of our day-care centres for people with special needs.

The project “Pensami adulto” (think of me as an adult) is realized through day-care-centres; one in Carbonia. It’s a place for young people and adults with physical, mental, sensory and with special educational needs.

Our team of interdisciplinary professionals offers:

– development of autonomy (Empowerment), individual and group therapy, emotional development, art therapy, cognitive training, motopedagogics, learning by playing, gardening,  field trips, educational consulting

The volunteer will be supporting the day-care centre for persons with special needs as an internationally enriching temporal member of the team. He/She will have the possibility to join the team meetings and supervisions. During the opening times (Monday – Friday from 8:30 – 12:30) he/she will always be present in the day-care centre with the educators. The main task during the opening times is to participate at the different workshops for the people with special needs:

– individual and group therapy, emotional development, art therapy, cognitive training, motopedagogics, learning by playing, gardening, field trips, educational consulting

Beside that the volunteer will help the equipe to organize these different projects and events (like excursions to interesting places, creativity workshops, etc.). The volunteer will have the chance to bring in his/her own personality and culture. Depending on the skills and preferences of the volunteer he/she will be contributing what he/she can/wants to offer.

Her/His ideas are welcome to be realized at the day-care-centre. We will try that the volunteer will also be in contact with other EVS volunteers from Sardinia, so he/she will be embedded in an international network, get in contact with other young people and maybe develop a project together.

Learning fields will be informal and non-formal education, personal development, communication with and understanding of other people as well as organizing skills and different arts and crafts. The volunteer will be motivated to document his learning process in a diary and will collect them in the end in the Youth Pass.

EVS – Europska Volonterska Služba (European Voluntary Service) dio je programa Erasmus+ koji omogućuje mladima u dobi od 18 do 30 godina da volontiraju u stranoj državi na kratkoročnom (do 2 mjeseca) ili dugoročnom projektu (do najviše 12 mjeseci).

Sudjelovanje u EVS-u je besplatno, a volonterima/kama su pokriveni troškovi puta, smještaja, hrane, zdravstvenog osiguranja, izdavanja vize itd. Osim toga, volonter/ka dobiva i mjesečni džeparac te besplatni tečaj jezika.

Udruga PaRiter akreditirana je za slanje volontera iz Hrvatske na EVS projekte u inozemstvo. Za više informacija javi nam se na adresu e-pošte udrugapariter@gmail.com ili na broj 095/393-5611.